sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Posing Balance and Depression

Hy guys,

this is on of my personal work, i recommend this for anyone who want to learn about posing and silhouete. This week i've tryied out the poses of balance and depression.

From these i've started blocking some poses to later refine, such as follows.


quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014

Tormenta Update

Hey Guys,

Great News, Project Tormenta is reaching the finish line, and the Animation Production is over. it's thrilling to see my name in the credits of this project!

segunda-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2014

Tormenta: O desafio dos deuses, the Game

Hey guys, 

I've been away for a couple of weeks but just a quick head's up, I'm currently  working as a animator in the upcoming game by Laboratório de Jogos digitais of the University Feevale and Jambo Editora. I'm animating two of the bosses of the game, so you'll soon be seeing more about it! 

A little bit about the Game: 

Tormenta is a world of classic table RPG Born in 1999 in the pages of a Brazilian magazine called Dragão Brasil. It was the stage for many great novels both in comics and novels, such as Holy Avenger, the world's enemy and Ledd. The game has dozens of titles published, Thousands of pages unraveling the kingdoms of heroes, beasts and gods. Now it's exploring the realms of  PC RPG games.

More can be found at the Catarse page of the project: http://catarse.me/en/tormentadesafio